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Functional Food

What is a functional food?

Functional foods are foods that effects its functionality various aspects of the health of the human body. It is not a typical drug or pharmaceutical product, but regular use of functional food in your diet can have preventive and therapeutic effect.

Functional food is originally from Japan, and over time has spread to America and Europe. The term functional food occurs first in Japan in 1980s, the first country to recognise the functional food and is defined as an alternative to medication.

Functional food represents one of the most prominent courses in nutrition diet. As a functional meal, can be used by healthy, sick, young and the elderly, as breakfast lunch or dinner.

Functional food is a meal and therapy.

The first certificates of origin of food as functional food, that were called "Fosh Certificate" – Food for Specified Health Use.

After a while, the functional food has become the object of study of many organizations such as the Institute of Medicines Food and Nutrition Board.

In 1994 a new science in the U.S. Food industry was born – "Food and Nutrition Science" Nutritionists and nutritional experts called functional food a "medical food".

According to the structure, functional foods are not processed, and are the exact opposite of industrial "instant" and " fast food ", food that has undergone different thermal treatments. It can be in the form of granular, energy bars or powder. Our healthy foods are cold-milled to protect all the nutritional goodness in the seeds, so you can feel immediate benefits naturally of vitamins and minerals.

We recommend approaching your diet with well-balanced view, when it comes to calories and what you are eating. Eliminate all high – G1 carbohydrates, including sugary foods, processed foods and anything made with refined white flour. Instead eat a Functional Food – style diet that focuses on food rich in fibre, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and protein to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Adopting this sensible approach to your healthy eating regime and avoiding unhealthy foods, will go a long way to help you to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle.